Intelligent or Informative?

In the article,The Road to the Information Age, Theodore Kahn questions if the capabilities of the internet have made humans more intelligent rather than just giving us the opportunity have the information available.  An article from 1945 predicted that Wikipedia, or a “memex”, would allow people to share knowledge through a machine.  Other articles from 1964 and 1982 suggest how the computer will become apart of everyday for everyone, creating a dependancy on them.  Access to information is not a measure of our intelligence, the internet is a collection of information that can be used to our advantage.

A quote from Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”:

“Never has a communications system played so many roles in our lives—or exerted such broad influence over our thoughts—as the Internet does today. Yet, for all that’s been written about the Net, there’s been little consideration of how, exactly, it’s reprogramming us. The Net’s intellectual ethic remains obscure.” Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Intelligence is the ability to process information and utilize reason.  The internet gives us the information and the ability to edit and make our own commentary.  While we have evolved with the internet, we have adapted new learning habits such as scanning for information rather than reading and contemplating the information.  Just like the clock mentioned in Carr’s article, we are starting to center ourselves around the internet rather than focusing on what we are capable of as humans alone.  Human thought is simple and original, while online content is heavily opinionated and contains almost no originality.

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