Disney’s Copyright Right

This is a mash up of Disney movies cut to define and explain copyright laws.


The mash up begins with Disney characters defining copyright law as a permanent marker on some form of work that is seen or heard.  Only the owner has the right to yield their work.  We can copyright books, plays. music. dance. movies & pictures.  You can only copyright the form an idea takes, not the actually idea.  Fourteen years limited the time a copyright could last, but now it lasts a lifetime plus 70 years.

Fair use also limits a copyright as a legal defense.  Small amounts of a work are permissible if used to teach, report news, make a parody or make critical comment.  These certain rules include also the nature of the work, amount of work used and it can not change the value of the work.  Disney intimidates anyone that uses their material against these limitations.

This video may tip the scale for the amount of work borrowed.

3-30-2010:  Thanks to Chris L., I have another upload for your viewing pleasure.  Somone does not like the content, cough cough…Disney. 


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