Social Networks banned, get to work…but don’t promote!

A blog from says that 54% of companies do not allow social networks use while at work.  They claim that Twitter and Facebook cause employees to loose focus on their work.  A small 10% do allow social networking, since they can promote business.  A study last summer reasons “that social networking use can hurt the bottom line”.  This blog wants to debate the pros and cons of social networking, and shows the statistics of work productivity with use of Facebook.  There is barely a mention of how these networks are promotional tools for business and focuses on how they deter people from their job.  With this logic, there should be a ban on email use and business cards.  This blog basically wants people to work without advancement.  By working only the minimum hours and producing the statistics that look good quarterly will not bring change nor progress.  Looking at just the “bottom line” will never allow the horizons to expand.  We must change and allow for change in the business place with full access to social networks.  Denying people the freedom to express themselves with rules only hurts the company’s profit in the end, which I thought was the top (line) priority of a company.  This blog neglects to show the statistics of how social networking has promoted and benefited the company, of course this number needs more analysis.

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