Michael Jackson’s Wikipedia NPOV

Wikipedia allows for content generated by the user.  Users must follow the five pillars in order for the post to remain.  The policies say “Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, has a neurtral point of view, is free content, has a code of conduct and does not have film rules.”  Maintaining a neutral point of view when writing about controversial topics, like Michael Jackson, can be cumbersome.  Utilizing sources that are reliable and unbiased help achieve a single point of view.  There are talk pages where users and editors can voice their suggestions and reasoning. 

This is Michael Jackson’s discussion page.  On the 28th page of the archives, two users dispute and attack one another because of “POV-pushing”, which translates to point of view pushing.  The topic focuses on the paternity of his children. 

One user felt the neutral point of view depends on the wording; “And in that case, we should stick to neutral wordings instead of actively pushing the point of view that Jackson was the biological father. ‘She gave birth to two children’ and the heading ‘children’ don’t imply anything in either direction, the wordings don’t state he wasn’t their biological father, they don’t state he fathered them either”. 

Two minutes later, another user retorts with; “Stop.  There were no problems regarding this issue until you showed up.  None.  As for my own POV, I don’t care whether he was their biological father, and that issue has nothing to do with using the word ‘fatherhood’ in the above-mentioned subsection, either.  Reliable sources call him their father, which is all that is needed”.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Michael_Jackson/Archive_28

Obviously they go on to accuse one another of being liars and POV pushers, but their opinions show how vital language and information is.  The majority remains the loudest, but when the minority is heard people can make a change.  Ultimately Michael Jackson has two children, but is not the ‘father’ according to Wikipedia.  The reason for ‘children’ vs. ‘father’ relies on the point of view of one user speaking for others.  This prevents readers to decide what the word “father” implies. 

“‘Children’ doesn’t say anything about whether Jackson was the father or not, only that the children became part of his life, and is perfectly neutral and accurate. ‘Fatherhood’, on the contrary, implies he fathered the children, which is a point of view.”

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