Insider: One in a million

This is a clip from the show, The Insider, documenting the negative reaction to a flu shot this year.  This clip has been altered though, saying that this should discourage people from receiving the vaccine.  When originally aired on The Insider, it said this should NOT discourage people from getting the shot.  This propaganda or prank helps promote the lack of authority YouTube carries.  Only a doctor can give you the facts.  There is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of this nerve damage occurring.  Debates about vaccines linking to autism has been a controversial topic for a few years now.

“There’s an edit at 2:03 that makes it sound like “doctors say this should discourage people from getting flu shots” but it’s obvious that the original report said “this SHOULDN’T discourage people from flu shot”.. Also I wonder if she can talk while walking backwards.”  Comment by tilopudrye

Journalists, even The Insider, should hold an unbiased opinion about all issues.  There should not be any commentary on how this video will influence people on vaccinating themselves.  People can make their own judgements on the pros and cons on vaccinations.  The fact that it has been tampered with shows that people will impose their opinions regardless of the truth.  After getting my shot and seeing this video, I am glad I am vaccinated and grateful I did not suffer from this rare reaction.  I am more than disgusted with the reaction to this video from YouTube users though.

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